Why The Roadmap Counseling Center?

What are the advantages of The Roadmap, rather than traditional therapy?
Treatment by an entire team
In most traditional programs, there is only contact with one therapist. With the Roadmap, your treatment and care will be continually maintained/reviewed by the entire team of certified clinical sex addiction and partner trauma specialists. To learn more about the team, click here
Diagnostic Clarity
Many people are labeled sex addicts by therapists without clear diagnostic criteria or scientific data to present to the client. The Roadmap recognizes that in many cases it is important to test for other possible issues that may cause a person to act out sexually, such as depression, anxiety or trauma. The spouse may also receive testing in order to assess trauma and other underlying issues to aid in treatment planning.
A structured program with mile markers
Clients are often frustrated by not having a “map” of the therapeutic journey they will travel. With the Roadmap, you will always know where you are and where you are headed with therapeutic tasks and stages clearly defined.
Verified full disclosure by the addict
Partners of addicts experience a devastating tsunami of trauma, and ethically deserve a full and “once-and-for-all” disclosure, if desired. This helps to avoid the drip-by-drip disclosure process that traumatizes a partner repeatedly. With Roadmap Counseling, the couple will also be offered the option of a polygraph test early in treatment to ensure full disclosure of all facts concerning betrayal.
A reasonable fee schedule
Therapy sessions are priced according to the average rates of the surrounding area in order to keep our rates affordable. We hope our rates are achievable for everyone facing these difficult situations. Payments are paid session by session in order to make the program more convenient. We encourage the client to continue in their progress towards healing and to make the most of their investment.
Scheduling preferences for those within the program
Whenever possible, our clients are offered preferred appointment times so that we can best accommodate client needs and maintain for you the continuity of a regular appointment times. It is possible that both spouses can be seen by their individual therapists on a weekly basis at the same time if the couple so desires.
Million estimated Americans with Sexual Addictions
Precent of Partners of Sex Addicts fall Into Depression
Out of Three Men are Addicted to Pornography

Meet the Team

With a combined 65 years of experience in helping couples recover from sexual addiction, our expert team is here to help you overcome.
Jim Grinnell
Jim Grinnell

Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Sex Addiction Specialist

I aim to cut through all the popular literature and self-help books, and provide best practice recovery and caring marital therapy.

Stacie Casler
Stacie Casler

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Specialist, Certified Clinical Partner Specialist

We have formal training in navigating the complex issues. I sincerely care and am willing to help you.

Julie Likins
Julie Likins

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Clinical Partner Specialist

Utilizes a multidimensional trauma perspective and aims to provide hope and healing.

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