Is all this really necessary?

Many addicts and spouses wonder,

"How addicted is he or she?" "Are they depressed as well?"

"Am I going crazy?"

With these common concerns from couples (and others), The Roadmap offers the science behind the therapists' diagnosis and the depth of the problem. We also look into the psycho-social-sexual history and any other issues that may be the root of the sexual addiction. At that point, the team creates a tailored treatment plan unique to the couple, rather than a textbook, general recovery guide. Our team is made up of therapist who specialize and are certified in their fields and aim to help you through every step towards a healthy marriage.

What is the cost?

Our rates are charged per session and are set based on the average rate in the Tulsa area. You can reach us at our offices for specific rates and to see if you qualify for reduced pricing.

What should I expect?

During the first session, you as a couple will tell your story together. Both your assigned therapists will hear your story during the initial session at the same time. At the end of that session, diagnostic testing may be recommended.

From there, you will be paired with your individual therapist and each week your case is reviewed by the entire sex addiction and partner trauma team. Your treatment will include individual, couple and group sessions and additional testing for both you and your partner based on the recommendations of the team.

Who are the people we will be working with?

Meet the team

Do we have to do a polygraph? What if I don't want to know everything?

In order to administer a polygraph test, the addict must agree to do so. Most importantly, the partner will determine how much she/he wants to know. The Roadmap does not insist on a polygraph test, but many partners desire polygraph for their peace of mind.

What if my spouse won't come to therapy?

The Roadmap is designed to benefit couples who want to work together to overcome sexual addiction in their relationship. If your spouse will not come, you will be treated instead by Crossroads Counseling and Consultation at a slightly cheaper rate, however you will still have the option of being treated by our expert staff.

What if I need counseling for other issues other than what the Roadmap provides?

Our partnership with Crossroads Counseling allows us to make excellent referrals for almost every counseling need. The 10 therapists on staff have a wide range of specialties and they are sure to be a great fit. You can find more information at:

Crossroads Counseling and Consultation.